The Number 22 Is at the Center of a Veterans Health Crisis

What does the number 22 mean to you? Unfortunately, for veterans all over America, the number is not a number to be proud of.

The number 22 has become a rallying point for raising awareness about veteran suicides in the US. The number may not be an accurate reflection of the daily number of suicides by veterans it is meant is to represent, reports NPR. Exaggeration or not, the number 22 has helped to create awareness campaigns like the 22 Push-up Challenge taken up by these troopers from the Vermont State Police. Additionally, even one suicide per day is too many.add_text6

Exposure to critical life-and-death situations, brain injuries sustained in combat and a difficult transition to civilian life after service makes veterans prone to depression, PTSD and addiction. Combine these factors with a culture of self-reliance in the military that keeps most from seeking help and veterans are a high-risk group for suicide, notes Time.

Anti-suicide programs by the government are making more veterans seek help. After watching the video, check out this inspiring story of one vet who overcame suicidal thoughts.

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