Do You Know What Navy Sailors Are Really Made Of?

Rear Admiral Lower Half

A Rear Admiral Lower Half or one-star admiral commands cruiser, carrier, or amphibious groups. This means that many ships and men are under his command.

Rear Admiral Upper Half

This rank includes many of the duties of a one-star admiral. However, a Rear Admiral Upper Half has more authority than his one-star counterpart.

Vice Admiral

This three-star rank stands as a deputy for a full-fledged admiral. He can also command numbered fleets.


The admiral has the highest seniority in the navy. He also advises the President of the United States as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Fleet Admiral

The Fleet Admiral doesn’t come along very often and doesn’t have a regular position in the navy. This five-star rank had been awarded to some WWII war heroes, but no one since.

These ranks are only a portion of those found in the Navy. There are also ranks for enlisted sailors and warrant officers, all with specific duties to make our Navy the best in the world!

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