This Veteran Thanks his Mom with a Message that will Leave You in Tears

Having your children leave home is a tough experience for any mom, but for the moms of America’s heroes, it can be especially trying. Loneliness, sadness and fear for the safety of family members out on deployment can beleaguer those left at home. This is why prior to deployment, service members should make time to spend with their loved ones and let them know how important they are.

Navy Commander Ryan did just that for his mom on Mother’s Day with a touching surprise that left her in tears. As a single parent, Ryan’s mom had to choose between becoming an athlete or raising her child well. Fortunately, she chose the latter, and Ryan thanks her for it in this video. Let us all remember that you can send your mother flowers or even a simple phone call telling her how much you care for her anytime not just Mother’s Day, trust us.

Watch how other service members have surprised their loved ones in unique ways!

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