Female Veterans Meet for Support, Inspiration and Community Service

Retiring from military service can be a challenging journey for veterans, thrusting them from a world of camaraderie to one where the vets feel lost and invisible to others. However, female vets are coming together from every walk of life to reconnect with their fellows and re-engage in the sisterhood that they experienced in the military through The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans to serve in their communities.2192

In April 2016, The Mission Continues sponsored a conference where women could get together, network, share war stories and learn new skills. One of the attendees was Liz Skilbeck, an Air Force veteran who worked in explosive ordnance disposal for four years. She now serves the public in a different way. By being part of The Mission Continues and doing volunteer service projects, she’s eased her transition to civilian life.


The conference was filled with dozens of other female vets, who can sometimes feel isolated in a male-dominated veteran world. Many report that strangers, when seeing them in VA hospitals or sporting military logos on their cars, assume that their husbands, sons or brothers are the veterans. For this reason, one of the focuses of the conference was to help these women become strong role models for later generations by illustrating that service doesn’t necessarily end with a military career.


The Mission Continues has chapters in various cities and states, all sharing the goal of helping all veterans to find purpose and fulfillment by serving in their communities. Founder and former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens established The Mission Continues to help veterans transition to civilian life by doing things for others, a purpose that continues to expand and touch countless lives, not just those of female vets. Learn more about the struggles and lives of veterans by listening to these women swap stories.

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