Two Marines Conduct a Social Experiment in Manhattan to See Whether Gender Differences Exist

Curious about whether different amounts of recognition for their service are given to male versus female Marines, Glamour magazine conducted a social experiment on the busy streets of Manhattan. USMC Captain Verdia and USMC Sergeant Quinones, dressed in full uniform, stood for two hours in New York City.

They wanted to see who would get the most recognition, Cpt. Verdia — a man — or Sgt. Quinones — a woman. They measured the amount of recognition each received by different categories, including people saying “thank you,” handshakes, conversations about their service, and even being asked to take a photo.

Who do you think received the most acknowledged? You can watch the video below to see the results. You might just be surprised…

Military personnel of both genders deserve respect and appreciation for their service. However, women in service sometimes have specific issues to face. Learn more about programs in place specifically for helping female veterans.

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