Top Brass: Do You Know What These Marine Rankings Mean?

The military fills a huge part of American life, mainly safety and security, but how much do you really know about it? Besides the five branches – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard – there are also an extensive list of ranks among officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men and women. Here are the enlisted rankings of the Marine Corps.


The E-1 ranking is the Private or Pvt. Basically, this Marine’s primary duty is to learn and learn quickly.


The E-2, Private First Class or PFC, has a little bit more experience under his belt (like boot camp). This Marine does what he’s told. Period.


The E-3 rank, Lance Corporal or LCpl, has a long history in the military. This Marine not only continues to learn, but he’s expected to apply what he knows and become a cog in the Marine Corps machine.


The E-4 or Corporal (Cpl) is a non-commissioned Officer or NCO. He has a little bit more leadership and responsibility in his unit.


The E-5 Sergeant (Sgt) has responsibility over a larger number of men than a Corporal. His ability to lead others is an important component of this rank.

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