Oh My! These Marines Are Hilarious!

“Cash Sales” is a slang term used to describe a U.S. Marine who has newly arrived in Vietnam and is inexperienced in combat. Using “Cash Sales” as a new title and their own personal lyrical choices, Marines at the Marine Corps Ball in November 2013 presented an uplifting and well-executed parody of Macklemore’s popular hit song “Thrift Shop.”

At first the crowd seems confused but then the music really picks up and the inside jokes start flowing. If you listen closely you might catch a few verses that will hit home with your past military experience. Make sure you catch the entire performance, because in true Marine fashion they do not hold anything back and pull out all the stops.

Check out the video to experience this epic moment for yourself, and to see more awe-inspiring talent, check out this U.S. Air Force flash mob!

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