The Making of the Military’s Highest Award, the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor, the highest military honor in the United States, is awarded for personal valor well beyond the call of duty. Due to its high prestige and status, the production of the five-pointed star itself is an extraordinarily guarded process. Only two companies in the US are allowed to mold the star, and the finished stars are stored in a highly secure safe at a naval base in Philadelphia. When a medal is to be awarded, it is engraved by one of two engravers who work for the Veteran Medals Unit. The unit consists of eight people and ships other military awards, including the Purple Heart, which is awarded to those injured in battle.

Our country's service members go through so much, whether they are Medal of Honor recipients or not. In addition to physical injuries sustained in battle, veterans often have to cope with stress conditions like PTSD. Donate to a campaign that supports a service dog pilot program for veterans coping with PTSD.

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