You Won’t Believe The Story Of Where This WWII Vet Left His Wallet…

It is common to lose things around the house such as an important document, an article of clothing, or our car keys. We sometimes even lose important items such as money or a wallet while out in public with little hopes of recovering the valued items. One man, though, was fortunate to have his wallet returned to him, but it took 70 years for it to reach its destination.

Eligio Ramos with his lost wallet / Via Sara Sandrik Abc30 Action News

When Eligio Ramos lost his wallet in Austria during World War II in 1945, he never thought he would recover the black leather square that held family photos and remembrances of home. His battalion was occupying a farmhouse as shelter in the midst of the war when his wallet went missing.

Seventy years later, Dr. Josef Ruckhofer spotted the wallet in a farmhouse owned by his grandfather, buried deep underneath wooden planks, reported KUTV.

Most people would have thrown out the wallet, but the Army ID and family photos enclosed prompted Ruckhofer to seek its rightful owner.

Ruckhofer was able to track down the 91-year-old veteran using the Army ID and after the two exchanged letters, the wallet was on its way in a package to Ramos’ California residence. The veteran’s son, Rosando, said he plans to frame each and every item that was preserved within the black leather wallet that his father thought was gone for good.

Photos from the wallet / Via Sara Sandrik Abc30 Action News

Ruckhofer’s efforts are commendable and honor the work of this World War II veteran. We often toss away items that do not have significance to us, but by saving the wallet and forwarding it to Ramos, Ruckhofer preserved a part of the veteran’s history. It was a sign of support that we could all learn something from.

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