This Woman’s CrossFit Training Video Is Incredibly Inspiring

Are you ready for your daily does of motivation? Ready or not you have found it. You need to check out this video because after watching it you will not be putting off the gym with your normal excuses. A lot of us will take the everyday norms for granted but in the case of Lindsay she has known no other way.

A differently-abled woman from Halifax became an Internet sensation after a video of her working out at a CrossFit gym was posted online. Lindsay Hilton, who was born without arms below her elbows or legs below her knees, is seen doing lunges and pull-ups in the inspirational video. Hilton started CrossFit only a month before the video was shot, but she has been a fitness enthusiast throughout her life, having played rugby with Mount Allison University and the Halifax Tars. While her video has inspired many, Hilton does not see herself to be inspiring. “I don’t think of it as any special feat or anything like that,” she says.

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