Army Paratrooper Vet Uses Her Story to Encourage Others

Bobette Brown was a paratrooper of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, but now she uses her experiences as a platform to inspire others. As a motivational speaker, Lady Bobette teaches people to see their battle wounds as badges of honor.

We are all going to be a lot different when it comes to our scars and other insecurities. Using her words to inspire and let other veterans know they are not alone in their struggle, Lady Bobette teaches people to see their battle wounds as badges of honor. She wants everyone to “turn scars into beauty marks” and learn how to work through past difficult experiences.

This is a great message that should be heard by all — from those with physical battle wounds to those struggling with internal wounds and issues in their lives. You can hear this amazing veteran’s motivational message in the video below. Be sure to share this with your friends when you’re done watching too!

Watch the inspiring speech from this Certified Personal and Executive Coach as part of the Got Your 6 Storytellers event.

Moved by Lady Bobette’s experience as a woman in the U.S. military? Sign this petition to thank her and all other women who serve their country.

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