Hockey Fans bring World War II Veteran to Tears with Standing Ovation

Len Kropioski is a 97-year-old veteran of World War II, and there is nothing he likes to do more than watch his favorite Winnipeg Jets play. An extended stay at the hospital kept Kropioski or “Kroppy” from watching his favorite hockey team for a significant period of time; a devastating feeling for a sports fan of any team.

However, so beloved is he by the Jets family that on his return to the stadium, the Jets decided to express their appreciation for his undying devotion to the team. Watch how this gesture by the Jets family had all the fans in the stadium on their feet applauding Kroppy.

Elderly veterans such as Kroppy deserve our respect for all that they have done for their country. Sign this petition that asks the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to concentrate more focus on caring for our older veterans.

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