Watch this Massive Naval Maneuver Recreate a Scene from WWII

The D-Day landings of Allied troops on June 6th, 1944, at five beaches in Normandy, France, opened a western front against the Axis powers. This hastened the end of World War II in Europe and saved millions of lives. The amphibious forced landing was an extremely complex maneuver whose difficulty was further compounded by bad weather, hostile terrain and resolute beach defenses. Watch a recent joint exercise in which the navy and Marine Corps from the United States and South Korea recreated the landings and demonstrated what a similar maneuver would look like with modern war machines.

The Normandy landings claimed the lives of 10,000 Allied troops on the first day alone and were an unforgettably harrowing experience for those that survived. Today, several of those surviving veterans are at an advanced age. Sign this petition to get the government to put more focus on caring for our older veterans.

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