She Saved This Stranger’s Life And Will Now Meet Him For The First Time

After returning from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, James was suffering from PTSD and depression. Broken and suicidal, he made a plea for help on Facebook, which caught the attention of Mary Dague, a fellow veteran. Mary had lost her arms while working as a bomb technician with the U.S. Army in Iraq. She called James, and this simple act of compassion began a long distance friendship. The resilience of Mary, a double-amputee and a breast cancer survivor, gave James the courage to fight his inner demons with renewed vigor.

James and Mary had never met in person till Kleenex flew James out to meet Mary, as a part of their Messages of Care project. After you see what happens when the two friends meet for the first time, you are going to need several Kleenex tissues to clear the trail of tears of happiness from your face. 🙂

Sometimes a bigger battle awaits returning veterans on the home front. Sign this petition to show support for veterans coping with PTSD and depression.

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