Using Military Training To Land A Job Is A Winning Mission

Problem-Solving Skills

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Remember that time you had to get your armored cavalry vehicle out of the mud during that rainy training run? (It’s not training if it’s not raining!) It took three hours, but your unit accomplished the task. Problem-solving tasks are a part of every job in civilian life, so make sure you relate a specific time when you helped your team get out of an unexpected jam.


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You honed your leadership skills in the field when you directed your team of soldiers, marines, sailors, or airmen to accomplish a task. You may even have done this under enemy fire. Most members of the military go through some kind of leadership training, so make sure your future employer knows this while you demonstrate a time you showed leadership abilities during your service. Leadership doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving orders. You could have volunteered for duty that no one else wanted, and that made you stand out from the crowd.

Detail-Oriented Work Experience

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Detail-oriented work means you pay sharp attention to the smallest details. If you were a mechanic, technician, computer programmer, radar tech, or any position that required constant attention to little things, you know what it’s like to do detail-oriented work. Not only that, you pressed your class A’s yourself. Let your employer know about how you have a fine eye for small details, especially if that’s a top job requirement.

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