Listen To The Marines Hymn Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

From the first note to the last, Chris Cheng makes music that is engagingly right on target — literally!

Cheng uses steel targets that generate musical notes when shot. According to him, this is one outdoor activity he will never get tired of practicing. Watch as this crack shot uses his rifle and these unique targets to honor Marines by playing the Marines Hymn.

Incredibly enough, Cheng was never formally taught to shoot; yet in 2011, back when he’d never before received a shooting award, he won the History Channel’s Top Shot Season four competition, rising above 17 shooting professionals! Talk about serious talent, huh? Watching him shoot is truly something incredible to behold. I’d sure love to watch him do it for a while!

Amazed by this instrument and Cheng’s talent and skill? Check out even more awesome rifle music here.

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