Go For The Green: Show Visual Support For Our Veterans Everywhere, Anytime

A new campaign for Veterans Day 2015 aimed to show America’s military veterans how much ordinary citizens care about their contributions. Partially sponsored by Wal-Mart, “Greenlight A Vet” encourages everyone to change one light bulb from white to green where it can be seen by a veteran. Veterans see the light in person, but in addition, the social media campaign follows the action all the way to New York.


The Campaign

The idea of “Greenlight A Vet” is to honor the nation’s warriors who fought for freedom in a visible, prominent way. The green light symbolizes that Americans will never forget what veterans gave to the United States. As the video illustrates, many veterans simply blend in with ordinary society when not in uniform. This can make it more difficult to honor those who served appropriately. The “Greenlight A Vet” campaign aims to change that. These green lights serve as a beacon of growth, appreciation and renewal to shine a light of hope on America’s military service members.

Via Michele Korecky Burns
Via Michele Korecky Burns

How to Participate

This evergreen campaign starts Nov. 11, 2015, notes Greenlight A Vet. Simply place a green light bulb on a front porch, in a window lamp or at the office to show your appreciation to those in the military. Take a photograph of your light and share your beacon on social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet for Twitter or Facebook.

Via David Robert Bliwas
Via David Robert Bliwas

Much like grassroots campaigns to honor laborers, mothers, presidents and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the “Greenlight A Vet” campaign hopes to spark renewed conversation. In this case, that discussion needs to be about how Americans honor, respect and value veterans for their noble sacrifices that defend freedom.One green light in each home multiplied by millions of buildings across the United States produces a visible beacon to all veterans. These lights let them know Americans appreciate them, even if they remain hidden in plain sight.

Find out how you can make a difference in the life of a veteran and honor a hero today at The Veterans Site.

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