“The Great War” Explained In Online Video Series

A new YouTube series aims to change our perceptions of the so-called Great War one video at a time. Founded in 2005, Epic History provides new kind of history documentary for a modern online audience. As the creator, Toby Groom says of his motivation for creating the videos, “I don’t think these are just the best, most exciting, dramatic stories ever told, I think they’re also our best guide to help us make sense of the modern world and all its complexities. History matters.”

They’ve been a success so far: The “Great War” series has made a video for each year of World War I, and each video is packed full of interesting facts.

For example, did you know the first submarine-launched torpedo was fired by Germany in 1914 and sank the British ship, the HMS Pathfinder? I sure didn’t! And that’s just one of the many fascinating things I learned in this compelling video.

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