The Internet’s Vets Sound Off — What’s The Funniest Thing You Remember From Boot Camp?

Boot camp is a place where men and women learn to be soldiers. It’s strictly regimented, with discipline being among one of the most important principles taught to the recruits. However, boot camp isn’t just about exact adherence to the rules and training. It’s also about laughter, which makes for a great way to cut the tension. Here are the funniest things that these vets remember about their time as recruits.

Saluting Squirrels

Photo: Pixabay/skeeze

After getting tired of saluting everyone who ranked higher than him, which was pretty much everybody in boot camp, one solider reports that he saluted a squirrel. He was promptly seen and dressed down by a commanding officer — whom he had to salute.

When Your Name is Barbie

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A recruit’s name, Barbie, was put to good use by the drill instructor — as a means of good-natured torture. The instructor woke the soldier up by blasting the ’90s pop song “Barbie Girl” over the stereo.

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