This Artist Is Painting Huge Flag Murals Across The Country As A Huge Thanks To U.S. Veterans

The American flag stirs feelings of patriotism for many Americans, but Scott LoBaido took his love for the flag to the next level.

LoBaido set out to paint flag murals at veteran’s posts in each of the 50 states as a tribute to former service members, according to AOL.

“The humble men and women who hang out in these veteran’s posts, they sacrificed. For what? For me, for us, so I could be whatever I want, and here I am traveling the country, this beautiful, beautiful country,” he said.

His flag murals are wonderful and we hope this starts a trend in other parts of the country. Hopefully, other artists will use their talents to brighten up neighborhoods in this style.

Check out this video to see one of his murals, and let it inspire you to go out and show your own support for the troops!

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