Watch How This Veteran Is Given The Best “Prank” Of His Entire Life

After serving their country abroad, veterans often find it difficult to adjust to everyday living again. Jon Arneson had a similar experience and was struggling financially. To top it off, he had recently lost his grandfather, also a veteran, and the man who raised him, to cancer.

His girlfriend approached Prank it Forward, who organized a surprise for him, which ended with a short message from the First Lady, states Rare. They prepared an elaborate ruse to spoil him for the day, which included meeting his favorite actor, NCIS star Michael Weatherly.

Not only is this “prank” something that gave an incredible man one of the best days of his life, but it is a message to all our veterans who struggle after coming home, in that it is normal to have a hard time adjusting to normal life and that relying on friends and family can really make a big difference.

Watch Jon’s story and his girlfriend’s incredible surprise below.

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