What Are The Military’s Favorite Meals? Redditors Sound Off On Their Memorable MREs

Since 1981, the Meal, Ready to Eat, or MRE, has been a go-to source of nourishment for service people in the field. MREs are packed with essential nutrients and stay fresh for years until opened, making them ideal for any location or climate. While there have been some nightmare concoctions over the years — like the infamous veggie omelet — these flavorful MREs are a big hit with the troops.

Chili Mac

Photo: Flickr/The Sporkful

Ground beef. Cheesy chili sauce. Macaroni. What’s not to love about chili mac? After a long day, biting into this warm, pasta staple with a side of cornbread surely reminds servicemen and women of home.

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jayel Aheram
Spaghetti is a beloved dish even among civilians, so it’s no surprise that this menu item is a military favorite. Eating it out of a plastic and aluminum pouch doesn’t take away from the saucy, meaty flavor one bit.

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