What Are The Military’s Favorite Meals? Redditors Sound Off On Their Memorable MREs

Beef, Veggie or Pork Patty

Photo: Flickr/The Sporkful
Unlike the hated ham slice of the old days, the beef patty, veggie patty, and pork rib all get a thumbs-up from most service people. With the right sauce, they taste just like the popular McRib from McDonald’s.

Pound Cake, Cookies, and Brownies

Photo: Flickr/Phillip Stewart

While not technically a meal, these common dessert sides in MREs are the perfect way to get rid of the taste of a bad entree. It really doesn’t matter which one you get. Snagging any of these sweet treats is like winning the food lottery.

Peanut Butter or Cheese Spread

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
It’s amazing how much MREs resemble the average college student’s diet. Every MRE comes with tasty staples, such as bread, tortillas, or crackers, which service members can slather with peanut butter, cheese spread, or jelly.

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