Warrior Voices Gives Veterans Employment In The Voice-Over Industry

Army veteran Micah Schulz returned from Iraq without a job despite having a college degree. No positions seemed to fit Schulz’s mentality. But the he discovered voice-over work, something that provided him a way to reconnect to civilian life. Warrior Voices is an organization that connects talent to businesses that need voice over work.

Via MC2 Jeff Atherton
Via MC2 Jeff Atherton

Some veterans returning from wartime deployment face difficulties readjusting to civilian life. Enter Warrior Voices, an organization devoted to seeking employment for veterans as voice actors in the private sector. This unique charity aims to give warriors a way to work through non-contact jobs that require no physical exertion.

The charity also provides equipment and training, free of charge, to interested veterans so they know what to do when they land a gig. A five-week academy helps veterans get a feel for the industry to possibly start a new career. Free equipment lets service members and their spouses practice at home. Some veterans see voice acting and voice-over work as a gateway to full-time opportunities, while others use it to gradually adjust back to civilian life. Many veterans love the independence that voice-over work gives them while earning money for each gig.

Via The U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture
Via The U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture

The charity, which is run by veterans, has seen its popularity skyrocket once people recognized the creative outlet the agency provides to returning troops. One part of the training for voice-over work includes emotional awareness, which helps veterans deal with the effects of PTSD.

After veterans go through training, Warrior Voices connects them to businesses that require services such as advertisement work, audiobook narration, and radio spots. Warrior Voices is just one of many non-profit groups that give hope to veterans returning home from war.

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