These Elderly Vets Finally Got a Proper Welcome Home

Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country that it is only fitting for the United States to give back. In the Honor Flight program, veterans are flown to Washington D.C. in order to see the memorials erected in honor of their service.

A group of veterans from Palm Beach, Florida got their honor flight on Saturday, April 16 and were welcomed home with patriotic fervor. Watch the emotional reunion at Palm Beach International Airport as the local community proudly salutes its military community. The honor flight group included veterans from the Korean War and World War II, many of whom had been waiting to complete the trip for years.

The Honor Flight program has hubs all across the country which work to ensure that our veterans are able to see the capitol and be rewarded for their sacrifice.

If you want to learn more, click here to learn about the activities of Honor Flights Chicago.

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