Mom and Dad Come Home From Deployment Together

Disney World is known as being the most magical place on earth, but for this family, the happiest place on earth was the Jumping Jacks in Savannah, Georgia. Queshawnia and Joseph Franklin spent nine months away from their four children while they were deployed in Kuwait, and they decided to surprise their children in a tissue-worthy Disney-themed homecoming. The two dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and surprised their kids with a big reveal at the family fun center. Mr. Franklin admitted to Little Things that he was super nervous, saying, “I was more nervous doing this than actually going back to Iraq.”

That’s not the only surprise for this reunited family. Jumping Jacks management had one more surprise up their sleeve for the Franklin family. You will just need to watch to find out what it is.

Watch this heartwarming reunion in the full video!

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