This GoPro Footage Of An Animal Rescue Is Unbelievable!

In this video, Spencer Butler, an Air Force member, heroically chases three dogs out of a burning building in South Dakota. Butler, together with his friend and some strangers, saw the burning apartment building on his way home from rock climbing and decided to offer some assistance. It is an amazing rescue video taken from the first-person perspective of Butler, thanks to the use of a GoPro camera.

Thankfully, no lives were lost in this large fire, but there certainly was the possibility for loss of life. Butler shows the true bravery and heroism that comes with being a veteran — selflessly risking his own life to protect others and rescue helpless animals trapped inside the burning building.

Butler is offered the money raised from this amazing video to the families affected by the fire, reports Daily Mail.

Watch this video to see the amazing rescue.

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