Musician’s Quick Reaction To A Concert Mishap Will Touch Every Patriot’s Heart

When things go wrong, some people know instantly what to do. That’s exactly how this young musician reacted when his instrument malfunctioned during a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by his school band. When faced with a challenging situation, the youngster acted quickly, garnering the admiration of the crowd and his fellow players.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

As the band played the opening notes to the familiar refrain of the national anthem, no one in the standing audience expected to see a moment of inspired patriotism beyond the playing of the song. The performance was going on as rehearsed.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

However, midway through the anthem, the young cymbal player found himself in a tight spot. The handle on one of his cymbals snapped after he clashed the cymbals together, leaving him unable to perform.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

As the broken cymbal clanged to the ground, the confused musician paused for just a moment before deciding to calmly set his other cymbal down on the gym floor.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

Straightening himself to his full height, the boy turned to his fellow bandmates before deciding how he’d finish out the song.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

He then turned to the flag and raised his right hand in a salute. He held the patriotic gesture until the conclusion of the anthem, when he and his classmates were met with a thunderous applause from the crowd.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

Things are bound to go wrong every now and then. Quick thinking is important in any critical situation, whether it’s big or small. Even in front of a crowd, the young cymbal player managed to remain poised and use his quick wits in an honorable way. His actions honoring his country during a challenging moment exemplified everything the flag represents.

Photo: YouTube/sarona2617

Check out the video below and see the heartwarming performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in its entirety. You may find yourself watching this more than once!

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