Veterans “Combat Paper Project” Is Using Art to Honor Military Service

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They can do WHAT with paper?

The Combat Paper Project is a unique paper making workshop that helps veterans commemorate their military service and heal their emotional scars by creating beautiful, enduring paper crafts from their combat uniforms.

The uniform fabric is made into paper pulp, which then becomes a work of art that expresses the vet’s service experiences. This may seem disrespectful to the uniform at first glance, but David Keefe, a Marine veteran and the director of a New Jersey Combat Paper Project, doesn’t think so. “They are taking that uniform and transforming it into something better so they can live a healthier life. I find no disrespect in that.”

The artistic process offers service members a creative way to preserve their memories, and also promotes emotional healing that helps service members transition to civilian life.

Also remember that you can help our returning vets at the Veterans Site!

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