8 Reasons Child Care Is So Important To Military Families

6. There are No Excuses For Tardiness in the military

“Sorry, I’m late because…” never gets said to a commanding officer because those officers do not tolerate excuses. After all, lives depend on military members handling their duties. Having a child-care center on base that operates around the military schedule is essential. Military child care centers have early and late operating hours — perfect for parents who have to report bright and early, and who have fellow service members depending on them.

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5. Parents Are Often Away on Deployment

The work of military parents often requires them to be away for long periods of time, whether it’s working long hours or being deployed overseas. Many children have had parents who’ve deployed more than once. Having a system in place for their children to receive care offers the little ones some sense of stability, routine, and security at a time when many aspects of their lives may be in flux.

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4. Quality Care is provided at an affordable rate

Military families often run on fixed incomes, which can pose a problem when it comes to paying for child care. Fortunately for them, those services are available at a rate that won’t break the bank. Military families spend 9 percent of their annual income on child care, compared to the average civilian who spends 25 percent. There have to be some perks when you work such a tough job, right?

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