“Chicken Lady” Has Been Feeding Homeless in Her Community Since 2013

In 2013, Anne Murphy, known as the Chicken Lady, hatched a plan to help the homeless. After reading an article about homelessness in her city of Greensboro, North Carolina, Murphy plucked up the courage to visit a Church’s Chicken franchise to see if they had any leftovers.

Among the homeless population there is a large number of veterans. These veterans have served our country and are now forced to live on the streets. Since then, her initiative has grown to include additional volunteers as well as donations from other local restaurants.

With the help of the community and many others like Anne Murphy stepping up and taking charge we can make a change in the homeless population. Murphy can now be found every Monday morning on the corner of Friendly and Davie, handing out food in her signature chicken hat.

The rooster may crow, but the Chicken Lady delivers the goods.

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