Two Ex-Presidents Look On as Wounded Warrior Proposes

I love it when a plan comes together!

Retired Army Spc. Tyler Jeffries had a banner day recently when he was honored by former president George H. W. Bush on the same afternoon that his girlfriend said “yes” to his proposal. He had been planning the proposal for weeks, but when the invite from the Bush family arrived, Jeffries knew that the Kennebunkport compound would be the ideal romantic location.

It’s not everyday that a former President of the United States gets to watch you ask one of the biggest questions of your life…let alone TWO former presidents!

I wonder if they were there to make executive orders towards his fiance if she had said ‘no’?

Jeffries, who lost both his legs after serving in Afghanistan, was helped to one knee so that he could propose without a hitch. Get involved and help veterans like Jeffries!

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