Veterans Coach Civilian Contestants in Military-Based Reality Show

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“American Grit,” a new reality show on Fox, is charting a different course from other reality shows by not relying on celebrities. This show spotlights real American heroes and forsakes gimmicky formats for military grade challenges. The show’s 16 contestants are comprised of real life tough guys and girls that include a bodybuilder, a Hollywood trainer, a triathlete and an Olympian that are divided into four teams. Each team is led by one of four veterans: Rorke Denver, a Navy Seal; Noah Galloway, a Purple Heart recipient who lost an arm and a leg in combat; Tawanda “Tee” Hanible, a marine veteran who served in Iraq; and Nick “The Reaper” Irving, a Rangers sniper. These American heroes will lead the teams on a number of survival-based challenges. Watch the promo. It does not get any more real than this.

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A number of our veterans find it difficult to find employment after returning to civilian life. Sign this petition to help our veterans find employment.

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