The Oldest Living Female Veteran Passed Away…But How Old Was She?

She was born before the First World War and served in the second. At 16, she changed her name from Alice to Alyce after seeing an Alyce Mills films. She joined the army on a whim but served in the Women’ s Army Corps with great diligence, becoming one of the few African-American women to serve overseas. After a short but distinguished career in the army, she served the federal government for 35 more years.

WWII veteran Alyce Dixon, the oldest female veteran in the United States at 108, passed away on Jan. 27, 2016 at the Washington, D.C. Veterans Affairs Medical Center’s Community Living Center. A strong-willed, wise and feisty lady, she is remembered for her sense of style and her sense of humor that never deserted her till the end.

Dixon expedited mail delivery in World War II. The mission was considered very important because it would help sustain morale on the front lines, but Dixon had her work cut out for her. She spent a lot of time identifying a piece of mail’s ultimate destination based on incomplete information supplied by the sender.

“A lot of mothers wrote to ‘Buster, U.S. Army,’ or ‘Junior, U.S. Army,’ ” Mrs. Dixon said in an interview in 2012. “We knew every service member had a number and we had difficulty finding them; however, we found every person. Also a lot of wives and sweethearts wrote to soldiers every day. There were stacks and stacks of mail we had to send back indicating deceased. That was sad.”

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