Star Wars Actor Is Doing Some Amazing Work With Veterans

Adam Driver, the actor who plays the villain Kylo Ren in the latest “Star Wars” films, is no villain in real life. In fact, Driver is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and aside from his acting career he is the founder and co-manager of Arts in the Armed Forces, a non-profit organization focused on reintegrating veterans into civilian life through the arts, particularly theater.

The transition from military life to civilian life can sometimes be a hard time for veterans, whether due to injury or trauma, or trying to find work outside of the military. After years in the Armed Forces with very specific duties and training, entering civilian life again is certainly a challenge. Some veterans find work in similar fields such as law enforcement, while others find different work suits them better, such as farming or business. Driver is helping veterans find a creative outlet after the military in acting and theater work.

Arts in the Armed Forces is a great organization that is helping a lot of very talented veterans find their place in civilian life and in the spotlight. The members of the U.S. military are the best in the world — it’s no wonder they would be talented actors too!

This brief introductory video summarizes the work Adam Driver and wife Joanne Tucker are doing with the foundation.

The full version of the video shows the organization in greater detail and features some demonstrations of the interactive work Adam Driver and his crew are doing with veterans. Check out the video to learn more, especially if you or someone you know is a veteran who has recently or is about to return from duty. Either way, you’ll sure to be touched by this heartwarming tale of a soldier’s double homecoming surprise.

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