Father & Son, Both Marines, Open Family Business Together

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Felix Ramirez was forced to close his business due to the economic recession. As an ex-Marine, he knows all about resilience, but when trade dries up, there’s little one man can do. Undeterred, he restarted the business in August 2015 in the same warehouse and showroom, this time with help from his son, Ruben.

Via Sgt. Randall A. Clinton and MarineCorps NewYork

Via Sgt. Randall A. Clinton and MarineCorps NewYork

Ruben and Felix haven’t always gotten along and, when the business initially closed, Felix never imagined that working with his son would provide a way forward. However, Ruben’s stint in the Marines has given him new insight into his dad’s way of thinking, as well as new habits of discipline and teamwork that the they hope to parlay into business success.

The business, 9th Street Tile, is located in Upland, California. It’s become very popular with locals.

9th Street Tile storefront Via 9th Street Tile

9th Street Tile storefront Via 9th Street Tile

In particular, Ruben says that he now understands his dad’s drive for perfection. As Felix puts it:

“Everything has to be the best. When you’re in the service, you have to be 100 percent accurate because people can die if you aren’t.”

Children of military parents don’t always appreciate this principal when it is applied in everyday life, but Ruben is now excited that he and his father can channel this dedication to excellence into providing the best possible service for their customers.

Serving your country is brave and selfless, but it can also come with benefits in the form of relationship building and life skills. Read more about the amazing successes of returning vets; you’ll quickly start to realize how much service has taught these fabulous men and women.

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