Stupid Corpsman? No. This is Who We Are

You may have seen this piece of video before, but it is worthy of being seen and contemplated again and again.

This video was taken during the early days of the invasion of Iraq. It shows the epitome of war zone chaos and the kind of undaunted, selfless courage that is representative of both American values and of the stuff that Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman are made of.

The nature, the ingrained sense of duty, that makes up an FMF Corpsman is modeled here in this short piece of combat journalism.

Source: YouTube/Loblolly Boy
Corpsman will go into a fire fight to rescue those in need.

This Corpsman does not hesitate to go into the steel storm that is an active, intense firefight to save a brother Marine. The nature of a Corpsman is to save lives and it does not stop with just “our guys.”

Source: YouTube/Loblolly Boy
This corpsman rescued an Iraqi soldier.

Let the action that was caught here on this video and the commentary of Col. Oliver North sink in. Understand that this is both extraordinary and common behavior for a U.S. Navy, FMF Corpsman. That is the paradox we live in, the reality of war fighting and the drive to save lives.

The Veterans Site honors the service and the courage, and the commitment to save lives that is the make-up of Navy Corpsmen with their Marines. There is no brotherhood like it. Semper Fidelis is their adopted motto and calling.

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