6 Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Fears — No Matter What They Are!

conquer fear2

Even the most courageous among us have fears to overcome. No matter what they are — public speaking, snakes, heights, or even rejection — these fears have the power to stifle our success. But luckily, we have the power to overcome them!

These 6 practices will help you acknowledge, confront and take ownership of your fears, and maybe even turn them into a tool for good!

1. Define them.

The first step in overcoming a fear is to clearly define it and recognize the way it impacts your life. Keeping a fear journal is a great tool for this. Start by answering the following questions: What is the history of your fear? How long has it affected you? What triggers it? How does it impact your life and behavior? Once you recognize the roots of your anxiety, you’ll be able to address it rationally and keep it from overwhelming you.


2. Strengthen your fear-facing muscles.

Before you can conquer “the big one,” you need to develop confidence in your ability to overcome what scares you. Setting challenging but reachable fear-related goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Dread public speaking? Make a toast at a small dinner party. Afraid of rejection? Ask a stranger for a stick of gum. Convincing your brain that your fears aren’t all-consuming will make you begin to anticipate a positive outcome when pushing your boundaries rather than a negative one.

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