No One Knows Which Method Best Treats Combat PTSD

In some cases, the symptoms are there immediately upon return. Other times, the symptoms don’t surface for months. Each day, there’s a new symptom, something else in the daily grind that triggers it.

There’s very little consistency from one case of Combat PTSD to another, and so therefore there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when treating it. Instead, there are options. And, for some, the amount of options may even be overwhelming.

That’s why you’ll find the poll below — what you’ll be voting for is what you believe to be the most effective method of treating Combat PTSD. Please know that there’s wrong answer here; voicing your opinion on such a crucial matter is critical to advancements in treating Combat PTSD.

Our veterans need help, and it can start with your vote.

Which Do You Think is the Most Effective Way to Treat Combat PTSD?

Much has been written about the various ways to treat Combat PTSD. But we want to know which method YOU think works best. Let us know by voting below.

Farming / Gardening

Movement Therapies

Virtual Reality

Float Therapy / Sensory Deprivation

Fly Fishing

Smartphone Apps

Martial Arts

Art / Writing

Medical Marijuana

Animal Companion

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