Here’s The Celebration The Coast Guard Deserves

Each year, people from across the United States travel to Grand Haven, Michigan for the annual Coast Guard Festival. The event began unofficially in 1924 as a picnic for Coast Guard personnel who were stationed in Grand Haven, but has since exploded into the largest celebration of the Coast Guard in the country.

In 1998, Congress designated Grand Haven “Coast Guard City, USA,” and the city has held that title with pride ever since. The yearly festival, hosted by the city and run by hundreds of volunteers, has reached attendances beyond 350,000 people, including some of the most prestigious Coast Guard officials from the nation’s capital.

The event is held from the last weekend of July to the first weekend of August, and you can find the list of scheduled events right here.

Find out more about the festival, and what it takes to be a Coast Guardsman in the video below.

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