Ever Wonder What It Takes To Join The Coast Guard Special Forces? Here’s Your Answer

The smallest branch of our United States military is the United States Coast Guard. Most people think of the Coast Guard in terms of life saving along our sea coasts, inland lakes and waterways. But today’s Coast Guard is much more than that.

Most do not know that the USCG has its own Special Forces units. These units must be trained and prepared to undertake very dangerous and challenging duties on land and on sea under both day and night conditions. This video is shows the weeklong process that Coast Guardsmen and women must go through in order to become a part of the elite USCG Special Forces team.

These men and women undergo this mentally, physically and tactically challenging training because they will be called upon to respond to very difficult operations against terrorists or other enemy actors on board large ships at sea, or at shore based facilities. They will need skills that are unique to the challenges that are presented by operations involving large ships, heavy seas, possible civilian hostages, in day or night, and weather conditions.

Their tactical training is not unlike that of any of the other major services training. You will get a sense of that in this video. The challenges that USCG Special Forces teams may encounter will be as unique, as dangerous, and as important as those of any of the other Special Forces units in our armed forces.

Source: YouTube/GreatAmericans DotCom
Special forces training is rigorous and challenging.
Source: YouTube/GreatAmericans DotCom
The Special Forces insignia isn’t work by just anyone.
Source: YouTube/GreatAmericans DotCom
Coast Guard members go through the gauntlet to earn this distinction.

I think you will see that these Coasties are just as determined to take the battle to the bad guys as any of our Special Operators. If they are called upon to do so, they will bring the same skills and determination to their missions as their counterparts in the other services.

The Veterans Site honors those who are serving in the Special Forces units of the USCG. You are truly prime examples of the United States Coast Guard motto, “Semper Paratus,” Always Ready.

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