12 Amazing Dogs Of The U.S. Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard is a branch of the best military in the world, so it would only follow that they have some of the best communications specialists and photographers, as well.

The official U.S. Coast Guard Flickr account is full of stunning, patriotic images of men and women serving in all types of capacities and situations as guardsmen. The photographs show their service, hard work, fun side, and patriotic dedication to their country and their fellow guardsmen.

Serving right along side the men and women of the Coast Guard are amazing canines, some of the military’s most skilled working dogs. Whether on land or sea, these dogs are helping protect the United States and keeping us safe.

Here are photos of 12 amazing United States Coast Guard K9s that are absolutely amazing!

Semper Paratus, USCG!

Puppy Kisses

Seaman Nina Bowen shows some love to Chief Bert, Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina’s mascot. Chief Bert is a retired explosive detection dog who worked for six years with the Maritime Safety and Security Team in Gavelston, Texas.


Argus relaxes during the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer in Hudgins, Virginia. Argus is the well-loved station mascot for Station Milford Haven.

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