The U.S. Coast Guard Ship And Its Crew Seized 17 Tons Of Cocaine

With nearly 35,000 pounds of cocaine in its cargo holds, the U.S. Coast Guard sailed into Fort Lauderdale having succeeded in taking down a massive drug shipment. The haul was valued at around $466 million, seized in 21 different sting operations off the Pacific coasts of Mexico, Central, and South America.

“The interdiction and disruption of more than 17 tons of cocaine is a result of the collaboration and coordination of multiple Coast Guard and interagency assets to address the complex maritime challenge of transnational criminal organizations,” Coast Guard Cutter Forward Cmdr. Michael Sharp said. “I am extremely proud of all the women and men that contributed to the mission success. It is a direct reflection of how the U.S. Coast Guard delivers mission excellence anytime, anywhere.”

Source: YouTube/Video Breach
The US Coast Guard most often finds cocaine hidden in small vessels disguised as fishing operations.

In just a few years, the Coast Guard has seized 1.3 million pounds of cocaine, and arrested at least 1,200 suspects involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the illegal narcotics.

Source: YouTube/Video Breach
The Coast Guard’s recent haul brought in 17 tons of cocaine.

The enlisted service members responsible for these busts worked for free during the 35-day government shutdown that took place between December 2018 and January 2018. Their dedication cannot be questioned.

Neither can their effectiveness.

Source: YouTube/Video Breach
In recent years, the US Coast Guard has confiscated 1.3 million pounds of cocaine.

Learn more about this massive bust in the video below!

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