This Cadence Definitely Qualifies As One of the Best I’ve Ever Heard. Chuck Norris Should Feel Honored

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Not too long ago, we made a post that mentioned how, over time, your superior officer’s voice (drill instructor OR drill sergeant) becomes something you look back on and think of fondly. In that same post, we also discussed the power of a good ol’ marching cadence.

But what if your superior belted out something like this!? I can almost guarantee that you would miss it!

In the video, you’ll see (and hear) an informal march that oozes creativity, as this cadence honors the one and only bearded ninja: Chuck Norris. If you take the time to think about it from the drill instructors point of view, the marching cadence needs to be something that they can use over and over again. Brining up the fact that we are all still human and want to enjoy what we are doing day in and day out. Now for some drill instructor’s they are full of creativity like the one you will see below.

Watch the video!

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