These 12 Simple Ways to Give Will Help You Change Someone’s Life This Christmas

Oftentimes, the problem isn’t that we DON’T WANT to give, it’s that we DON’T KNOW HOW. We’re misguided, told to do this, only to find out that this really means that. But not here.

Here, on the Veterans Site, we know you want to do good. You want to give to those in need. And we’re going to show you simple ways that you can do so.

In this post, you’ll find 12 simple ways in which to give. So, please, explore which ways fit you and your situation best.

12. Send comfort to our troops.

11. Sign to provide safe water for those in need.


As Americans, we take for granted that every house has a faucet with safe water and a toilet that keeps our personal waste from human contact.

Yet an estimated 768 million people around the world rely on unsafe water sources, and 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation. This is a big deal for kids: diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections (pneumonia) are the two top child killers, and kids who lack access to drinkable water and proper sanitation are at much greater risk of dying.

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10. Give books to U.S. children in need.

9. Help a child with diabetes stay healthy.

8. Pledge to give military families the benefits they deserve.


For years the Department of Defense (DoD) has refused to acknowledge the validity of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in treating the symptoms of autism. With over 23,000 military dependents living on the spectrum, this means restricted access to the most valuable treatment currently available. Already burdened by the constant moving and social turmoil of military life, families must also pay out of pocket for this costly yet vital therapy.

With the world’s largest, best-equipped, and best-financed military, such practices are unacceptable. An effective military starts with the people. Let’s give military families the benefits they have earned.

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7. Help close the healthcare gap by bringing early detection to those that cannot afford it.

6. Reduce a veteran’s stress.

5. Sign to help end child trafficking.


Abused or neglected young people are vulnerable to the recruitment and control tactics of human traffickers.

Bipartisan House and Senate versions of the Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act (H.R. 1732 and S.1823), would help improve state child welfare systems in order to better protect children.

H.R. 1732 and S.1823 use existing resources to better serve vulnerable youth. Passing this legislation would be an important step toward creating the safety net we need to end child trafficking in the United States.

Urge Members of Congress to cosponsor this legislation.

4. Make sure shelter animals are adopted.

 3. Pledge to support a caregiver.


Being a caregiver is one of the most incredibly challenging and generous acts of love any of us will ever perform on behalf of another. Fear, exhaustion, anger, depression, guilt, and grief are often part of the experience. Harboring negative feelings doesn’t make the caregiver a bad person, but it can have a negative impact on their daily lives and long-term emotional well-being.

Caregivers need to be cared for as well. Sign and share this pledge today to honor a caregiver in your life and to raise awareness about the need for support networks that directly address the special needs of caregivers.

Pledge your support.

2. Help provide speech therapy to a child with autism.

1. Volunteer your time.

Volunteering your time can be the most rewarding way to give of all. You get to see the person smiling in front of you. You get to hear them laugh. You get to look them in the eye and say, “Merry Christmas,” or, “Happy Holidays.” Those kinds of gestures and reactions cannot be replaced or imitated.

Not sure where to volunteer? Check out the five options to get started!

1) Serve food at a food bank

2) Report to an animal shelter and volunteer to help clean up the animals (make sure to play with them, too!)

3) Gather up a group of close friends and shovel your neighborhood’s driveways

4) Locate the nearest Salvation Army and help deliver gifts to families in need

5) Start up a collection for an organization like Toys for Tots

There are so many more ways to volunteer. And there are so many more ways to make someone’s holiday season unforgettable. We hope that this list is a just a start!


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