A Visual Christmas Card to America From Our Military

Have a good time with this one. It kind of turns the tables happily on us as it is a compilation of members of our military from all of the branches, singing a Christmas Carol for all of us.

These young men and women from every corner and culture that make up this great American tapestry express the real power and beauty of this country. They are united in their commitment to the nation, that is, to all of us. These young men and women serve us on a daily basis. They protect all that is good and noble about the American dream.

Source: YouTube/PBS NewsHour

It is a special thing, indeed, that they would wish to remember all of us in this delightful, often off key, but joyful rendition of the Christmas classic, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Source: YouTube/PBS NewsHour

The Veterans Site sends its Holiday greetings to one and all on this day before Christmas. We hope that your Christmas and Hanukkah family gatherings are full of as much joy and grace as possible.

Source: YouTube/PBS NewsHour

We send our special greetings and hopes for peace and safety to all of our military who are serving today at home and abroad, especially in places of great danger.

Source: YouTube/PBS NewsHour

We hope and pray that the day will soon come that you will all be able to be home safe and sound. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward all.” (Luke 2:14)

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