Meet The Companion That Helped Completely Change This Veteran’s Life

Veterans who are returning home after a long deployment overseas can often feel overwhelmed and find adjusting back into everyday life to be a lot more difficult than they expected. This can lead to all kinds of potential issues for veterans who just want to come home and live a normal life again, especially to veterans who were injured during duty.

But for some soldiers, a new companion made all the difference.

Adding a dog to your family can improve your life in more ways than one. For some returning veterans, a dog not only acts as a furry family member, but also as a life-changing assistant who improves their emotional and physical well-being. Assistance dogs provide stability to veterans, which allows them to function normally and without fear or anxiety in society.

Listen as one veteran shares his journey of recovery, and what lead him to eventually seek out the companionship of a canine helper named Chesney. Hear their story below.

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