After Missing Her Deployed Dad For 7 Months, Young Cheerleader Gives Him The Biggest Hug Ever

This seven-year-old girl didn’t think that her night would end so jubilantly! Soon after lining up in her typical cheer formation, an announcement was made over the loud-speaker: her father was home.

That was really big news for this young girl, because her father, a Navy Reservist, had been deployed to Afghanistan for past seven months. She missed him like crazy, and she wasn’t sure when she was going to see her dad again.

The brave men and women of the Armed Forces sacrifice a lot to serve their country. Some sacrifice everything. But it is often the families of military personnel who are overlooked for their sacrifices. While those in the military volunteer to serve, their family members, friends, and loved ones don’t volunteer for the heartache, the loneliness, the worry, and the burden that comes along with that service.

Source: YouTube/ThePeoplesChannel
This little cheerleader is in for a big surprise.

Source: YouTube/ThePeoplesChannel
She hears a special guest is on the field, waiting to meet her.

Source: YouTube/ThePeoplesChannel
When reality sets in, the little girl begins to cry tears of joy.

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That’s what makes homecoming surprises so special to watch — to see the pure joy and love when those families are reunited after so much time (and distance) apart.

Source: YouTube/ThePeoplesChannel
She runs right into her father’s arms.

“This honestly made me cry…” commented one YouTube viewer.”Because when I moved to Florida first the first time I was in tears because I cared about my dad so much I didn’t want to leave him in New York and a year later that very day when it was time to pick up my dad at the airport I was in tears I ran to my dad and gave him a hug crying in his arms he was crying because its been a year I haven’t seen him.”

Source: YouTube/ThePeoplesChannel
What a special reunion!

As soon as she hears the announcement, her father then enters the stadium. And, from there, it was magic…

Watch the whole thing in the video below!

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