5 Things We Want to See Happen in 2015

2015 is upon us! While celebrating the New Year is certainly a fun and exciting time, it also allows us to reflect back upon years previous, and to see what we can work towards in the near future.  In this post, you’ll find five things we would love to see happen in 2015. Are you going to help us make them happen!?

Did we miss anything? Please send along your thoughts!

1. Timely Health Care for Our Veterans

Soldiers who return from war should come home knowing they are going to receive the care they need from the Department of Veterans Affairs. But more and more, service members are reporting sub-par care at VA facilities as well as long wait times to be seen for treatment.

2. More Support for the Families of Our Deployed Service Members

The amount of stress families are put through while their loved one is deployed is unreal. They learn to be tough, and patient, and resilient. And, too often, this goes unnoticed amongst communities. The next time you see a service member, don’t only say thank you to him or her, say thank you to their family.

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3. Options for Recovery and Re-integration

While Combat PTSD isn’t new, the methods of treatment are ever-evolving. In recent years, we’ve discovered different ways that help those affected by Combat PTSD rejoin society in positive ways. We just hope that 2015 will allow these methods and programs to be offered to a wider range of our returning service members.

The following links showcase different ways that Combat PTSD is being treated:

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4. The End of Veteran Homelessness

We’ve seen it, and we’ve heard it, and we believe it to be true: no veteran should ever be homeless. But, for now, with so many of our veterans on the streets, it can only be seen as a wish. Hopefully that wish will soon be a statement, though, as steps are expected to be made throughout 2015 to end what has seemingly become an epidemic.

For more information on ending veteran homelessness:

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5. We Want ALL of Our Troops Home

To each and every service member of each and every branch: thank you, for everything. Please come home soon, and safely.

Watch a beautiful tribute to our troops!

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