Admiral’s Advice To Change The World Starts With Making Your Bed

Want to change the world? Or do you simply want to improve your life in general? Then you need to listen to this awe-inspiring advice from Navy Admiral William H. McRaven.

The admiral was asked to be the graduation commencement speaker for the 2014 class at University of Texas at Austin (UT). The retired admiral served as Commander, Joint Special Operations Command; then Commander, Special Operations Command Europe; and finally as Commander of the United States Special Operations Command before retiring. With all of that experience in leadership, decision-making, and action, he was certainly a good choice to give parting words of wisdom and advice to the graduating students.

“If I can’t make this commencement speech memorable, I will at least try to make it short,” McRaven told the students at the start. He lived up to his promise of keeping his speech short, but more importantly, he absolutely did make it memorable.

admiral 3

The motto of the University of Texas at Austin is “What starts here changes the world.” Admiral McRaven took that slogan and expanded on it, telling the graduating class of 2014 just how they can change the world. The advice applies not only to those students, but to every person who wants to make their lives and the world better.

It all starts with just one simple thing — one thing that anyone and everyone can do each day that will allow them to change the world. The simplicity of his advice may seem like it would have no effect on the world as a whole, but listening to him explain it becomes clear how this one action has a ripple effect that permeates the rest of your life, your decisions, and ultimately your entire world.

admiral 2

“If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right,” McRaven says in his speech.

So just what is this one thing you can do each day to change the world? Make your bed.

Listen to the rest of Admiral McRaven’s amazing advice in the video below! It may just change your life.

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